RoboCut mulching

Robotech Contractors are based in Kerikeri. We provide land clearing services to Te Tai Tokerau Northland. 

We have several unique remote controlled land clearing mulchers that can clear slopes from 50 to 65 degrees. This means we can mulch, mow and clear land where others can't access with other machinery.

Our RoboCut is smaller, nimble and can access those tricky and sensitive areas. Our RoboMax is the big brother, specifically designed to tackle grandad gorse, tobacco and other thick vegetation. Our tractor and mulcher are ideal for the larger more accessible areas and our front end loader is ideal for shifting material. We also have a box blade that contours, grades and levels driveways and access areas. Great for those driveways that have been washed out or that have a crown in the middle.   

Robotech mulching vs spray, manual removal, heavy machinery


Safety - Our remote controlled mulchers work safely on all types of challenging terrain up to 65 degrees. Our highly skilled operators work at a safe distance.

Efficiency - No need for multiple heavy machines on your land, as we cut and mulch at the same time.  Up to 25 times more effective than manual cutting, which prevents that back breaking work. 

UniqueWe are the only contractor who specialises in steep slopes with the only 3 tonne remote controlled mulcher in New Zealand.  

Environmental Impact - No need for harmful sprays leaching into the waterways and soil. Once cleared, the mulch acts as a blanket to protect slopes from erosion. Our Robotech mulchers leave a small footprint and are used in sensitive areas like archaeological sites. 

Effective - We provide immediate results. You can plant, sow or simply relax once we've done. 

Professional - We pride ourselves in providing our clients the outcome they want. 




Wide Boxblade


Our 2.4 meter Land Pride box blade will shape, contour, grade, back fill and level your gravel or dirt driveway. 

Heavy Duty Mulching

Tractor Mulching

 Our tractor mulcher is a powerful beast. At 1.7 meters wide with sideshift capability to get close to fencelines. 

Lifting and Shifting Capability

Front End Loader

Our tractor is fitted with a front end loader. Ideal for shifting those piles of dirt and metal. 


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Robotech Contractors specialise in a wide range of different work environments and hard-to-get areas including: 

  • Orchards and vineyards

  • Paddock and sections

  • Tracks, trails, railway embankments

  • Lay-bys, berms and verges

  • Waterways, roadsides, dams

  • Wetland and environmental areas

  • Heritage and sensitive ecological sites

  • Vacant sections, life style blocks

  • Around buildings, homes or structures